quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

Epitaph of the SS Gunther Grass

Epitaph of the SS Gunther Grass

During Nazism

The young "White Rose" were murdered because they resisted.

During Nazism young Günter, No. 666 SS killed Jews.

Adorno dictates "After Auschwitz, poetry is barbaric."

Ahmadinejad dictates that 6 million Jews in Israel should be eliminated.

Adenauer and Ben-Gurion dictate the "Wiedergutmachung."

Günter-eyed beast, beast claws, feral trial, dictates, as a satanic bard:

The condemnation of Israel as in the chant of "Prayer for Peace" delivered by Hitler.

The peace of the graveyard.

The world was silent when a young woman was raped in Ostrowiez and thrown out the window; the corpse remained exposed as the metaphor of the Wagnerian chorus howling for more martyrs.

Guimaraes Rosa dictates that the only response worthy of the son of Cordisburgo in front of Nazi evil was: "The bullet".

“Die Rose ist ohne warum; sie blühet, weil sie blühet " dictates Angelus Silesius.

The Golem dictates a flowerbed in Jerusalem "The Rose is without why; she blooms, because she blooms".

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